In November 2018, Bakers-Builds had the challenge of a complete re-model shop fit out in Frankton,
Queenstown.  With an empty space and a set of plans the mission was, to be up and running by
Christmas Eve to feed 70 guests.

I worked very closely with the clients as the plans provided were a rough guideline of what they
wanted.  Structurally and anything with regards to health and safety was a must but, the general
design was a ‘whatever looks good and is cost-effective’ kind of agenda.

We were determined to contain the timber rustic look of the restaurant along with the urban
renovation; complementing the new development in the bustling centre of 5 Mile in Frankton.  Over
2500m of cedar finished batten and a 420kg rangehood unit was installed through two small and
double sliding doors.

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